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SMK Testing Coupling


MODEL: SMK Testing Coupling

Metal parts :Steel, Stainless Steel on request
P=NBR Temperature:-20 to +90℃
V=FPM Temperature:-20 to +200℃
E=EPDM  Suitable for brake fluid
PA,Temperature: up to 100℃

Working pressure
Max working pressure 630bar;
Can be connected at max 400bar;
For G,K and S SMK test connector, the max working pressure is
limited by the fasten parts, please refer to the specs of the parts.

Can be connected while system is pressurized;
Good seal before the ball opens, no pressure lost;
Test, inspection, valves and guages can be connected easily;
Stable mounting of the cap.

Pressure monitor and inspection;
Release air; 
Sampling from a high pressure, low pressure or nagtive pressure system.