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YJZQ Series High Pressure Ball Valve



1.Series Code:YJZQ Series
3.Valve body/joint material:1-carbon steel 、3-316 stainless steel
4.Ball body/ Valve lock material:1-carbon steel、3-316 stainless steel
5.Ball sealing material:1-POM   2-PTFE
6.Sealing material(Sealing material of joint/valve lock):1-NBR  2-FPM/FKM
7.Handle Type:01-C type zinc alloy crooked handle,02-B type zinc alloy crooked handle,03-B type casting steel crooked handle 09-without handle
8.Surface Treatment: 1-SILVER ZINC PLATED
PS:1111 is the normal mix ,the PN no more than 100bar when using PTFE.(more specifications please call us)

Nominal Pressure:315bar    Applicable Medium:Hydraulic Oil